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The organizations of the Local Impact Alliance are working hard for all of the communities of Western Wayne County. Below is just a sampling of the latest news from the nonprofits and groups under the LIA umbrella.

New Members join Westland Community Foundation Advisory Committee

New Members join Westland Community Foundation Advisory Committee

Welcome to Sande Godbout and Diane Fritz. The Westland Community Foundation Advisory Committee is now comprised of Five members.

Jim Godbout (Chair)

Sharon Scott

Patti Neal

Diane Fritz

Sande Godbout

The members of the Westlamd Community Foundation  Advisory Committee are not only leaders in their field, but leaders in their community.  This volunteer group of distinguished community members brings a valuable perspective to how we can best serve the Westland community.

Diane Fritz    sande Godbout

Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2022


Local Impact Alliance Annual Report 2022
Working with you to Make an Impact Locally
Please take a moment and read our Annual Report, we are happy to report that the state of our Alliance (LIA), with our family of foundations and funds is very strong and we are energized and moving forward with new initiatives, helping our local communities thrive.
In the Annual Report you will see the five main organizations that LIA supports.
  • Canton Community Foundation
  • Community Foundation of Plymouth
  • Westland Community Foundation
  • Eagles for Children
Giving Hope Year in Review

Giving Hope Year in Review

Hello Ladies of Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle,

I'd like to thank each of you for making 2022 one of the most successful years for Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle! We collected over $5600 in donations for our selected charities. We also donated four bags and 40 sets of pajamas to the Plymouth-Canton Foster Care Closet, and gave $225 in gift cards to the Rainbow Connection! Our recently re-established Emergency Granting Fund received $625 in funds, part of which came from our Giving Tuesday collection efforts. And in June Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle received $1680 from the Canton Chamber golf outing ball drop event. The sum of all these donations brings our collective generosity to just over $8000 to give back to local community needs. Additionally, Giving Hope made three grants totaling $13,000. And equally as significant, we welcomed NINE new members! What outstanding accomplishments across the board - well done one and all!

I'm sure we all are grateful that we learned more about new needs in our community, like the Plymouth-Canton Foster Care Closet, Seedlings Braille Books for Children, Lead Like a Girl, and the Rainbow Connection, and wow, did we respond generously! I hope you feel as I do, that we had fun events and made new acquaintances all while doing what we do best: Giving Hope. Things really do not get better than that! It's that strong commitment to Giving Hope that allows our organization to do so much good and fulfill our mission of growing the community of women philanthropists. My sincere gratitude for your support and participation. I have every expectation that 2023 will be just as full of fun, Hope and Giving!

As we acknowledge that commitment and success, I need to invite members once again to come forward and join the Advisory Board. Our next meeting is Wednesday, January 18th. My term was set to end now; however, I am willing to remain as Chairwoman one additional year if no one else comes forward to take on this role. Dian Slavens, our current Vice Chair, needs to relinquish that position, but will complete her term as a member at large on the board. This turn of events makes for an unexpected opportunity. As Vice Chair, you can learn about the Chairwoman position firsthand throughout the next year and then step with confidence into the Chairwoman position for 2024. I hope one of you will take this opportunity to get involved and help lead this great group of ladies. Sharon Filips, our Membership Committee Chair, and Denise Murray, our Treasurer, have both agreed to extend their term for another year as well. All of us stepped up when there was a need and I am hoping that at least four ladies would do the same now. Joining the Advisory Board is a good way to help influence the types of activities and charities we support throughout the year and meet new friends. The guidelines and committee description documents will supply you with answers and should a swage any fears about being an Advisory Board Member. Please, I am asking each one of you sincerely, to review the documents and then join the Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle leadership team. When you decide, please contact me or any board member to volunteer and we will see you in January!

Lastly, I want to thank the Advisory Board members for their support and efforts to help me do my best for the Circle. This wonderful group of ladies truly share the responsibilities of keeping things moving forward smoothly and make being a part of our Circle so rewarding. And my sincere thanks again to all of you members for doing your part to keep Giving Hope a vibrant organization that is able to continue our charitable mission. Remember: It's a Girl thing, It's a Giving thing, It's a Good thing!

Wishing everyone and their families a very happy, healthy, safe, and fun-filled holiday season!

Best wishes for a wonderful new year!

Linda J. Demmer

Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle

Advisory Board Chairwoman

No Child without Toy

No Child without Toy

No child without toy for holidays....

Westland Community Foundation's Toy drive on 1st December collected unwrapped toys for Salvation Army for the under privileged children.

John Glenn High School Choir provided the best festive cheer to the donors.

We can do so much when the communities come together.
It sure takes a Village...
Thank you for the generosity of Fire Department to bring so many toys.
Thanks to Board members: Jim Godbout, Sharon Scott and Patti Neal of Westland Community Foundation for hosting a beautiful night.

Westland Community Foundation is part of Local Impact Alliance



Count Down to The Biggest Celebration of Generosity
Everyone has something to give and every act of generosity counts
Join the GivingTuesday movement and reimagine a world built upon shared humanity and radical generosity
Join the movement and give – each Tuesday and every day – whether it’s some of your time, a donation, or the power of your voice in your local community.
Local Impact Alliance and all it's affiliates will be observing Giving Tuesday, Please support whichever cause you connect with and support it on Giving Tuesday.
Let's Give.....


Local Impact Alliance family consists of:
# Canton Community Foundation
# Community Foundation of Plymouth
# Westland Community Foundation
# Eagles for Children
# Future Fit
Community Foundation of Plymouth Awards Grants

Community Foundation of Plymouth Awards Grants

Community Foundation Of Plymouth awards grants to local non profits.
The Community Foundation of Plymouth is dedicated to enriching the quality of life in the Plymouth area by providing grants to organizations that support our mission.
These organizations are:
- 501(c) public charities.
- Encourage the self-sufficiency and well-being of residents within the 48170 zip code.
- Encourage programs which are collaborative, comprehensive and have the potential to be continuous.
$5000 - Canton Community Foundation / Creating Habitats for Pollinators Fund.
Plymouth Wildflower Plantings - Creating Habitats for Pollinators Fund. This project will plant ~90,000 sq. ft. of wildflowers (>2 acres) at several pre-selected locations in Plymouth, MI (zip code 48170) and on the grounds of Plymouth High School/PCEP. Site preparation and some planting will begin in fall, 2022. All plantings will be completed by April 2023
$2750 - Plymouth Community Foster Closet
To provide clothing, hygiene items free of charge throughout care, extending through to reunification, adoption, or as a child ages out. PCFC commits to working with individuals, families, communities, and social service agencies to provide these items in a dignified, inclusive, and respectful manner.
$2750 - Personalized Nursing LIGHT House
Personalized Nursing LIGHT House- Housing Assistance program. To provide Recovery Housing to persons in recovery from substance use disorder. the housing is paid for by the local Prepaid Inpatient Health Plans (PIHP's) as part of their treatment program. After treatment ends, many clients still need the structure and support of recovery housing. For clients who struggled to pay recovery housing fees, request a special fund to pay up to 2 weeks for a client who applies for this financial assistance. We will accept the $200 for two weeks of recovery housing for eligible clients who fall in this category of financial hardship. This fund will: a) reduce the stress for clients in early recovery (stress which may lead to relapse), b) provide some stability and time for clients to secure employment/financial support, c) provide PNLH a mechanism to assist these clients.
$1200 - Friends of the Penn
Friends of the Penn Technology Upgrade Project - upgrade computer system, procure a PowerPoint projector, and replace assisted listening devices.
Community Foundation of Plymouth is part of Local Impact Alliance
Long Covid - Lunch & Learn

Long Covid - Lunch & Learn

Surviving Long Covid Lunch & Learn was held on 11-9-22, hosted by Local Impact Alliance.
Here is the link to the recording of the session. Dr. Bloom was kind enough to answer the questions of the attendees and provide some very useful information.
Most people with Covid-19 won't become severely ill and will often recover within weeks of illness. But even a mild infection can cause Long Covid. And with the high transmissibility of certain variants - which often results in milder disease outcomes - many people may be concerned about developing Long Covid.
Below are dates and topics of upcoming Lunch & Learns sessions.
Registration is always free just bring something to eat and feed your mind with new knowledge.
Future Lunch & Learn Topics:
• December: Preventing Financial Fraud on Seniors  12-14-22
• January: How Public Radio Is Filling the Local News Gap  1-18-23
• February: The Civility Project  2-7-23


Giving Hope Operating Guidelines

Giving Hope Operating Guidelines

Giving Hope Operating Guidelines for the Members and Giving Hope descriptions for Chair and Committee positions.

Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle was founded in 2006. At that time, a group of local women philanthropists came together to establish the organization and encourage other women to join in philanthropic giving. Their early efforts were focused on helping in the local community, reaching and assisting women, children, and their families in need. For over 15 years, Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle has been accomplishing that objective and continues to develop women's philanthropy and meet needs through fundraising and grant making.

The Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle focuses on educating its members about local needs and providing them opportunities to Give to those causes. All members are welcomed and encouraged to get involved either on the Advisory Board or on the various committees.Giving Hope's Advisory Board meets quarterly.


Chili Cook Off!

Chili Cook Off!

Chili Cook Off!!
When the weather cools down and the campfire gets going, there’s no better comfort food than chili to warm your soul and make it a perfect night.
Every October, when autumn starts to chill our bones, break out the bread bowls and warm up with Chili.
Date - 10-16-22
Time - 10:30 - 1:30 pm
Venue - Preservation Park
             550 N Ridge Rd
             Canton, MI 48187
This Fundraiser will support the Canton Cares Fund at Canton Community Foundation, part of Local Impact Alliance. It will support Canton community by providing financial assistance for disaster relief, therapeutic recreation, youth and senior programs.
Tickets are $10 for ages 13 and older and $5 for 12 and under. Tickets are available for purchase on site or by scanning the QR code or at link here
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